Nebula acquires services from TelecityGroup Finland

Nebula, A leading IT service operator has acquired TelecityGroup Finland’s non-colocation network and corporate IT support service operations. TelecityGroup Finland will continue having its focus on datacenter- and infrastructure services.

The acquisition is part of Nebula’s growth strategy, which aims to improve its customer satisfaction and broaden service portfolio. The agreement expands and supplements Nebula’s strong position as a high quality IT service operator for small- and medium-sized enterprises in Finland.

The purchased business include ca. 800 small and medium sized customers. The agreement also includes the transfer of 10 people from TelecityGroup Finland to Nebula. 

As a part of the agreement TelecityGroup and Nebula established a co-operation to provide datacenter services in a multi-year contract.

Says Pekka Eloholma, CEO of Nebula, “The acquisition is a logical step for Nebula’s expansion in IT services. Following the transaction we can serve our clients with new services supplementing our strong offering of cloud services.”

Sami Holopainen, General Manager, TelecityGroup Finland says: “I’m very pleased to announce this agreement with Nebula today, which enables us to focus more closely on our core data center services in Finland. By this agreement with Nebula, we foresee a positive outcome that supports both companies’ core-businesses.”

The purchase price is not disclosed.

For more information:

Pekka Eloholma, CEO, Nebula Oy, pekka.eloholma@nebula.fi, p. +358 50 555 5590

Sami Holopainen, General Manager, TelecityGroup Finland Oy, sami.holopainen@telecity.com , p. +358  45 636 1277

Ville Skogberg, CSO, Nebula Oy, ville.skogberg@nebula.fi, p. +358 45 679 0003

Juha Sallinen, Service Director, TelecityGroup Finland Oy, juha.sallinen@telecity.com, p. +358 50 370 1691